Mental Health
Assessment Tools

For any professional engaged in assisting those with a mental health disorder, assessing the symptoms being presented is the first step toward a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan. Mental health professionals, working in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, social work, counseling, nursing, first responders and the military, will benefit from these videos, designed to introduce and improve the understanding, recognition and diagnosing of psychiatric disorders.

Medcom is proud to announce the release of over 40 real-life based DVDs that provide visual training tools that are essential for symptom recognition and assessment. This dynamic collection of visual guideposts seamlessly integrates into your current mental health training program to help identify non-verbal cues and body language identifiers across a broad spectrum of disorders, including:

Alcohol and CAGE Assessment
Anger Assessment
Anxiety Assessment
Eating Disorders
Gun Safety Assessment
Mental Status Exam
Coping Mechanisms And Defenses
Loss and Grief Assessment
Suicide Assessment
Trauma and PTSD Assessment

Preview Mental Health Assessment Videos

Assessing the symptoms being presented is the first step toward a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan and these videos assist the viewer in determining that critical initial assessment.

Partner with Medcom and integrate this dynamic, cost-effective learning tool into your current mental health training program. You’ll experience the benefits that visual learning brings to gaining clinical skills, influencing attitudes about treatment options and producing higher levels of satisfaction among mental health professionals who receive video training.

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