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Childbirth Refresher

Product code: M172        


This video is the perfect refresher for the latest childbirth preparation techniques. Demonstrates prenatal exercises, relaxation and breathing techniques for labor, and coaching techniques your partner can use.

Program includes interviews with recent parents and a physician. Plus, the video offers follow-along segments, set to music: a 10-minute refresher on Lamaze breathing techniques and an 8-minute prenatal exercise program that you can use over and over again.

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Dad To Dad: Straight Talk for New Fathers

Product code: M174        

This video presents several fathers discussing the role they play in their new baby's life. Dads share their experiences and tips about caring for their infants. Topics discussed range from bathing, feeding, diapering and playing.

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Gestational Diabetes: You're in Control

Product code: M144S        


Updated Info: "Diabetes Gestacional: Usted esta en Control" has been revised with updated graphics and statistics related to:

  • Prevalence by ethnicity
  • Overall prevalence
  • Prevalence of developing Type 2 diabetes after having gestational diabetes
  • ,
In addition, home blood glucose testing is demonstrated using a state-of-the-art blood glucose meter. Gestational diabetes is a common complication during pregnancy. With this program, mothers-to-be and family members will learn how gestational diabetes develops, and how to work with healthcare providers as a team to control this condition. The program provides answers to myths about gestational diabetes and insulin, and presents five things pregnant women need to do to control gestational diabetes.

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