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The Healthcare Manager: Mastering Managed Care

Product code: HCO200        


Reimbursement to hospitals has changed drastically with the growth of Managed Care. Developed to give a comprehensive background for executives and managers, these modules will provide the necessary tools to understand Managed Care and its impact on day-to-day hospital operations.

Module topics include:

  • Understanding Managed Care CE 1 Hour
  • Managing Managed Care: Community Case Management CE 1 Hour
  • How to Establish a Health Plan Services Department CE 1 Hour
  • Negotiating a Managed Care Contract CE 1 Hour
  • Implementation of a Hospital Managed Care Contract CE 1 Hour
  • Medicare and Medicare Managed Care-Understanding the Provider Implications CE 1 Hour
  • Evaluating and Responding to Centers of Excellence Requests for Proposal (RFP) CE 1 Hour
  • Understanding and Managing Costs CE 2 Hours
  • Physician Payment Methods Under Managed Care CE 1 Hour
  • Straightening Relationships with Third Party Payers Through Successful Coordination of Site Visits CE 1 hour

10 Learning Modules

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The Healthcare Manager: Practical Training for Today's Professional

Product code: HCO100        


Ideal for the busy manager who has a strong clinical background yet desires better management and business training. These competency-based modules contain current, pertinent resources to assist you in your every day job and will sharpen your management skills.

Module topics include:

  • Conflict Management CE 2 Hours
  • Problem Solving CE 1 Hour
  • Coaching Novice Managers in the Progressive Disciplinary Action Process CE 1 Hour
  • Project Management CE 1 Hour
  • Developing a Business Plan CE 1 Hour
  • Tapping Into Grant Funds: Writing the Proposal CE 1 Hour
  • Writing for Publication CE 1 Hour
  • Benchmarking CE 1 Hour
  • How to Select the Best Healthcare Consultant for Your Needs CE 1 Hour
  • Developing and Implementing an Effective Marketing Communications Plan CE 1 Hour
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace CE 1 Hour
  • Effective Writing in the Workplace: Giving Your Words Power and Precision CE 1 Hour
  • Developing Policy and Procedure Documents CE 1 Hour
  • Total Quality Management CE 1 Hour
  • How to Write a Targeted Resume CE 1 Hour
  • Writing Job Descriptions CE 1 Hour
  • The Manager as Facilitator CE 1 Hour
  • Time Management CE 1 Hour

18 Learning Modules

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