Home Health Aide Skills

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Measuring Vital Signs: Temperature, Pulse, Respiration and Blood Pressure

Product code: HHA102        


Reading a Thermometer

  • Measuring an Oral Temperature
  • Measuring a Rectal Temperature
  • Measuring Axillary Temperature
  • Using an Electronic Thermometer
  • Other Methods of Measuring Temperature
  • Measuring Radial Pulse
  • Measuring Respirations
  • Measuring Blood Pressure

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Moving and Turning

Product code: HHA103        


Using the Lift Sheet: Moving Up in Bed

  • Using the Lift Sheet: Moving to Side of Bed
  • Using the Lift Sheet: Turning Using Log-Roll
  • Assisting the Resident to Move Up in Bed
  • Moving the Resident to One Side Without a Lift Sheet
  • Turning the Resident Away From You
  • Turning the Resident Toward You

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Reporting, Recording and Confidentiality

Product code: HHA105        


Proper Documentation Do's and Don'ts

  • Your Role in Confidentiality
  • Ethical Standards and Legal Responsibilities
  • Right to Privacy

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Transfer and Ambulation

Product code: HHA104        


Pivot Transfer From Bed to Wheelchair

  • Pivot Transfer From Wheelchair to Toilet
  • Two-Person Lift From Bed to Wheelchair
  • Three-Person Lift From Bed to Gurney
  • Transfer with Mechanical Lift
  • Assisting with Ambulation
  • Assisting with Falling

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