Heart and Stress

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Cardiac Catheterization

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Discusses treatment modalities and highlights key aspects of the various procedures and results.

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Hypertension: Managing Your Blood Pressure

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Explains what hypertension is, the risk factors, and how to gain control through proper diet, exercise and medication.

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I'M WISE: Living With Congestive Heart Failure

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Congestive heart failure is a chronic disease that affects approximately 4.8 million Americans. The financial impact on this patient population is enormous with an estimated $10 billion in healthcare expenses. Noncompliance with medications, diet and activities are some of the behavioral factors which impact the frequency of multiple hospitalizations. It has been estimated that 1 million hospitalizations could be avoided with improved management of congestive heart failure, saving the patient and the hospital money.

This patient education video targets the geriatric population by providing instruction and encouragement in an easy to understand language. The program informs and empowers the patient because of the positive message of the words "I'M WISE". Each letter of I'M WISE stands for a specific action the patient takes to manage their congestive heart failure:

  • Important
  • Medications
  • Weigh Daily
  • Inform
  • Stay Away From Salt
  • Exercise

This video provides simple, straightforward information to the patients, allowing them to take control of the management of their congestive heart failure in conjunction with their physician and cardiac rehabilitation department. Whether shown to the patient while hospitalized or as an addition to the cardiac rehabilitation library, this video is certain to improve patient knowledge of congestive heart failure and provide an optimistic and empowering way to remember the regimen needed to stay healthy.

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