Fluid Balance and Intravenous Therapy

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I.V. Venipuncture Procedure: Insertion Techniques that Work

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This course is organized around the following categories:

1. Introduction

2. General IV Policies

3. Preparing for Venipuncture

4. Location of Veins

5. Palpating and Prepping the Venipuncture Site

6. Selecting the IV Catheter

7. Holding the Catheter Properly

8. IV Insertion

9. Completing and Dressing the Venipuncture

10. Documenting the Procedure

11. Catheter Removal

12. Review

13. Conclusion

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Initiating Intravenous Therapy

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Thoroughly prepares the nurse with specific techniques for initiating, administering and monitoring IV therapy. Emphasizes principles for protecting the infusion site and specific taping methods such as the H method, the chevron method and the U method.

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