Death And Dying

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Caring for the Dying Patient, Part 1: Physical Care

Product code: 78712        


Addresses important physical needs, including the transition from curative to symptomatic care.

Topics include:

  • effective pain management strategies and addiction fallacies
  • common symptoms, side effects and ramifications of disease progression
  • common home health care issues, including family assessment, treatment plan compliance, equipment and procedure training and the common physical symptoms of dying

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Caring for the Dying Patient, Part 2: Team Approach to Comprehensive Care

Product code: 78713        


Describes the team approach to caring for patients and their caregivers, including hospice concepts on treating the whole person. Various patient and family reactions to a terminal condition are discussed, as well as communication techniques, assessing a patient's emotional status, discussing "bad news", dealing with religious and cultural differences and responding to anger, denial, depression and rejection. Special issues concerning pediatric patients, the elderly and self-care of professionals are also included.

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Caring for the Dying Patient, Part 3: Bereavement Issues

Product code: 78714        


Discusses the stages and ramifications of grief, mourning and bereavement and how a professional's interactions with patients and families can help or hurt. Discusses different aspects of grief and loss, including physical and mental deterioration, spiritual crisis, altered goals and relationships, reactions to suffering and the healing process. Effective communication strategies, appropriate closure, child and teenage conceptions of death and personal issues of mortality also are examined.

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