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Blood Collection

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Blood Collection: Anatomy and Physiology

Product code: M284A    Copyright © 2015

Blood is the elixir of life. With every beat of the heart, blood circulates through the vessels of the body bringing the cells life-sustaining oxygen, nutrients, and hormones while removing waste products that can be toxic. This process continues second after second, minute after minute, day after day throughout life. This first program in the three-part Blood Collection series reviews the anatomic and physiologic considerations related to phlebotomy - the collection of blood - as well as describe the most common blood tests.

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:•

  • Differentiate between the five types of blood vessels
  • Identify the locations of three preferred sites for venipuncture
  • Name the three formed elements found in blood
  • Name the four blood types
  • List seven common blood tests

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Blood Collection: Special Procedures

Product code: 78049        


Explains and demonstrates six blood collection procedures (for adults and children) that go beyond routine collections. The topics include blood cultures, type and crossmatch, therapeutic drug monitoring, glucose tolerance tests, special transport of samples, and bleeding time tests.

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Blood Collection: The Pediatric Patient

Product code: 78048        


Demonstrates the heelstick, fingerstick, and venipuncture techniques using the butterfly needle on pediatric patients.

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Blood Collection: The Routine Venipuncture

Product code: 78047        


Provides step-by-step instruction using basic terminology. Discusses equipment specifications, considerations when choosing a venipuncture site, the standard order of draw for evacuated tubes, proper specimen identification, and Universal Precautions.

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Tube Handling for Blood Collection

Product code: M177        Reviewed for accuracy: 2011

Program describes the tubes and procedures used in blood banks to collect blood samples. Explains proper techniques for sample collection and labeling and tests performed on the blood. Discusses the consequences of improper handling during collection, transport and centrifugation.

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